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sunkachina's Journal

19 May 1980
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acting silly, adventures, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, amusement parks, animal rights, animals, arches, babies, beach boys, bears, beatles, beaujo, beauty and the beast, books, bubble tea, bunnies, butterflies, camping, carnivals, carrots, cartwheels, cereal, charlotte bronte, children's books, children's literature, classic arcade games, coffee, coloring, concerts, cooking, crayons, crazy shoes, creative writing, dancing, dark rides, degrassi, diana wynne jones, disneyland, dogs, dreams, ducks, elephants, elton john, family history, festivals, film noir, forests, fourth of july, freaks and geeks, friends, fun, games, garfield, getting lost, ghosts, grand canyon, guinea pigs, halloween, harry potter, haunted mansion, history, houses, ice cream, incense, indian cooking, indian food, jane austen, john lennon, kansas city, kender, kinks, kitties, knooebels, learning, led zeppelin, libraries, literature, lois duncan, love, manatees, mesa verde, monkeys, moody blues, movies, mr. show, muppets, museums, mythology, names, national parks, nintendo, outdoors, painted desert, philosophy, pianos, pink floyd, playgrounds, poetry, pride & prejudice, psychology, puppets, ray bradbury, ray davies, reading, road trips, rock and roll, roller coasters, roller skating, shakespeare, simpsons, small but cute things, smokie, sno cones, stories, strawberries, studio ghibli, stuffed animals, swimming, t-rex, the beatles, the byrds, the simpsons, the who, the zombies, theme parks, thrift stores, thunderstorms, time travel, toys, traveling, treasure falls, trees, trolls, umkc, used bookstores, vegetables, vegetarianism, victorian, video games, walking on my hands, walks, walt disney, walt disney world, writing, yoga, young adult fiction, zoos